Torsten Müller

About Me

Full Stack Developer
Munich, Germany

Hi there, my name is Torsten and I am a full-stack developer currently living in Munich, Germany.

As you can see from my work experience page, I’m omnivorous when it comes to techniques and technologies on the web: I have created web site front-ends, using HTML 5, Jade/Pug, SASS, CSS, Backbone, RxJs, Angular / Angular 2, React, Elm as well as plain JavaScript and worked with a variety of databases, both SQL and NoSQL, such as Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL and UniData.

On the server-side, I have written production-ready code in both functional and object-oriented programming languages, including Scala, Kotlin, node/express, PHP and C#.

For a while, I worked as a UX designer, creating user personas, wireframes, site maps as well as other artifacts and interviewed customers about their company’s goals and their clientele. Currently, I’m developing web application front-ends and conduct two-week training courses to move a company’s developers into the online world.

I’m active in the local developer community, served as a mentor to new developers in an accelerated coding bootcamp, giving presentations at local meetups as well as visiting events in the local development community.

About this site (Disclaimer)

I came up with the “idea” for this site, because I found myself looking through many sources to find solutions to my questions. And so I decided to write my own posts, so that my future self can simply and quickly get back up to speed on topics.

Therefore, some of the posts might not be the best didactically, but I guess that’s the sort of thing that people have to deal with on the internet.

As for the drawing of crystals in the side panel: I was always fascinated by crystallography and the inherent beauty of crystals, so to me it was a no-brainer to include some imagery of crystals on my site. I hope you enjoy them, or at the very least are not annoyed by them.